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Previous Investments

Exto-DCL Capital Fund has provided significant returns from July 2021 to November 2021. (Closed to New Investors).

B3V Fund Investments

(Open to New Investors)

Investing in the foundations of Web 3.0, the ownership layer for the internet of assets.

Providing institutional grade venture funds management for the blockchain and cryptocurrency asset class.      


B3V Cornerstone investors include some of the world’s leading investors in the global blockchain asset class.

Web 3.0 Technologies

B3V is a liquid venture capital fund investing globally with a mission to identify and support the most ambitious projects that will become the infrastructure supporting web 3.0.  

Digital assets underpin the financial system within Web 3.0.  This means every investor will need to re-evaluate asset allocation. And naturally, those who invest early will reap the rewards. 

Web 3.0 is based on blockchain technologies that enables the ownership of digital assets.  This is an entirely new asset class that we believe will transform investments in the digital economy.  

B3V invests in blockchain related equities, tokens, cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

B3V is part of the Exto Partners ( venture capital group founded in 2003 and co-founded with DCL Blogger ( an inspirational thought leader in NFTs and founder of The MetaKey (

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